All You Can Travel with Air2E


“You will never find time for anything.
If you want time you must make it.” 

Charles Buxton


Air2E is Europe's first "All You Can Travel Service" providing an emission free,
CO2-neutral transport system for business professionals that value time.


Your time is the most valuable asset you have in your life.
Air2E allows you to make the most out of the available time. 


Air2E is an individual door to door transport system for Business Professionals. 


Air2E provides frequent, fast, smooth and personal door2door travel service with transparent pricing and sustainability in the means of transportation.


An airline of small 5-7 seat airplanes, flying out of small airports in the vicinity of big cities like
Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin.

A chauffeur service that is available for the client throughout the whole trip.


Air2E is a membership transportation service.

Air2E Members are part of a team of business professionals using minimal time for transport
and maximum time for business and pleasure.


Members pay a a one-time sign-up fee and a monthly fee.


For a monthly fee of 977,00 € net you can travel as much as you want on a preselected route,

fast, flexible and as individual as with your car. For more information about the Membership, click here.


Air2E Service is scheduled to start with 6 airplanes flying up to 48 flights per day between destinations like

Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin.


In 2017 the brand new airplanes and electric cars for Air2E are being produced and start of operation is planned for summer 2017. Up until commercial operation Air2E is providing special discounts on the one-time Admission fee of currently on 977,00 € net instead of 1.977,00 € net plus 19 % VAT.


The Air2E Experience starts with a luxurious electric vehicle, whose chauffeur welcomes you at place of your choice within a 50 km circle around the city center.

Smooth and silent as an electrical car drives, you will be astonished how fast you find yourself at an airport, right in front of one of our modern, safe and state of the art Diamond DA62 airplanes.

The small airports we fly to are even closer to where you need to go than most large airports, but without all the annoyance of searching a parking, standing in line for check-in, security checks and waiting at the gate.

During flight you will really experience flying. Our airplanes have large windows and we fly in about 3000 m height, so only one third of the altitude of an airliner. The spacious cabin will allow you to work on your Laptop or PDA and to bring along a small handbaggage like laptop bag. Additionally cabin baggage size suitcases or bags can be fit in the baggage compartment of the airplane.

Upon landing your private chauffeur is waiting with another electrical vehicle like BMW or Tesla to get you to your destination within a range of 50 km from the city center. 

Team Spirit of business professionals
Join the team of business professionals and enjoy the spirit of our team members. Build relationships that will make your business or private life more fulfilling and successful.  

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