Destinations of Air2E coming soon! Under construction!

Air2E serves three major metropolitan regions in Germany


Landing on small regional airport Air2E avoids time consuming procedures


Each local airport is very close to the metropolitan area


       Munich        Augsburg

Distance to Munich city center:

62 km

Time to Munich city center:        

51 min

          Frankfurt           Egelsbach

Distance to Frankfurt city center:

24 km

Time to Frankfurt city center:       

22 min

         Berlin            Schönhagen

Distance to Berlin city center:

51 km

Time to Berlin city center:

50 min

Special destinations: In case members request flights outside of Air2E Network, this can be offered individually.

The map below shows as an example a circle of 1000 km around Frankfurt with many destinations in reach.

Almost any location can be reached by Air2E airplanes and our
Chauffeur Service with electric cars in the future .

Below a map of a selection of suitable airports in Europe
(Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland)
with a 50 km circle around each airport.


Air2E is looking forward into an exiting future of emission free, sustainable and comfortable travel.


Contact us for your desired route and destination.

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