Sustainable business travel

Air2E has designed the transportation system to be fully sustainable with zero corbon emissions. 


Every transportation means requires energy. Air2E has built the system to be in the future independent from fosil fuels. Initially the airplanes will be powered with traditional kerosene, which after the pilot phase will be substituted by “renewable kerosene“. This fuel is fully CO2-neutral, due to the fact that for the synthesis of the kerosene CO2 is directly taken from the atmosphere – the amount is corresponding to the amount released during flight. In the future the airplanes will be electrified and with a standard range of approx. 1000 km such airplanes will be available in the near future.


The chauffeur service will be provided by Tesla Model X cars. Only electricity from renewable sources will be used to charge the cars. The more electric cars are being produced the more the production switches also to renewable sources and also the raw materials will be resourced more sustainable. Therefore also the electric cars and batteries will not consume any fossil fuels during production. 


Below a scheme on the road to full sustainable transportation:

For further information about the future Vision of Air2E please visit our Vision page.
Please contact us, if you would like to know more about Air2E and our approach to Sustainability.

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