Air2E - Vision

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

St Francis of Assisi


The new way of electric transport


Vision & Focus of the company:


The future of travel: All electric sustainable door to door travel


Provide emission free fast travel in Europe and the whole world.

Design a new individual transportation system in an all-electric shared economy.


Steps to reach the above mentioned goal:


  1. Increase membership of corporate clients in Air2E to providing transports service between major cities in Europe with more than the initial six airplanes from three German airports.
    Extend all-you-can-travel service throughout Europe as efficient door to door service with electric car pick-up and schedules flights as weel as premium service of on-demand individual flights to any destination.
  2. Extend membership base to more than 10.000 members.
  3. Initiate the development & financing of an all-electric airplane based on known technology.
  4. Initiate the financing of a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (cars & airplanes) on all applicable airports in Europe.
  5. Provide full transportation service with electric cars and electric airplanes, flown by the known pilots.
  6. Self-driving car and later self-flying vehicle making this transportation service the cheapest, most efficient and environmentally friendly transportation system available.


"All transport will electrify over time"

Elon Musk CEO Tesla


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